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Take control of Miss Irlou, a fireball launching Egyptian surf queen as she cruises a giant wave avoiding sharks and hostile surfers.

This game features both single and a two-player modes.

This game is in the state it was in when submitted for Global Game Jam on the 22nd of January 2017 at Falmouth University, Cornwall.

Team Miss Irlou:

Sam Batt (Art, Animation)

Fabio Bianco (Art, Animation)

Sing Lam Lee (Art, Animation)

Rory O'Dwyer (Programming)

Thomas Pedersen (Audio, UI Art)

Published Jan 24, 2017
Tags8-Bit, egypt, Global Game Jam, surfing

Install instructions

Simply download the zip folder, extract and double click the application.


MissIrlou.zip 26 MB

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