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Save yourself and your family from the incoming enemy attack! As a first person player, you will use Morse code to predict the location of your enemies to eliminate them from your map before they reach the bunker. Challenge your memory skills by learning International Morse code to open fire at the enemy. 

Good luck --. --- --- -.. / .-.. ..- -.-. -.-


Production/Design/Art Direction: Fabio Bianco

Programming: Rory O'Dwyer

Art/Animation: Chris Gamble

Script/Translator: Aileen Rosas

Asset Development: Yo'el Hill,  Vaidias Vismanas

Music/Sound: Porgina Black

Made in Unreal Engine within 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2018

Install instructions

Download and extract the zip folder and open the application.


BakuNoTappu_32bit.zip 176 MB
BakuNoTappu_64bit.zip 196 MB

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